I am getting bored with my flavors, if you are not already.  So I decided that I want to be adventurous.  What am I going to lose anyway (like a couple of hundreds on ingredients and some precious beauty sleep.. Hmmm, seems like a big a gamble.).  So I am thinking of Coconut cake with caramelized bananas with toffee syrup and buttercream as fillings.  Or pandan cake with gula Melaka buttercream or cream cheese.  Lime cake with coconut cream (I am sure its tried and tested but not to me!).  What else? Ice kacang cake without the ice? Like attap seed and corn cake with gula mela and red beans filling?  Cake can be in red, yellow and green marbled feel?  Hmmm.  Someone I know, knows someone (confused?  I thought so.) once made a chendol cake.  Something with coconut, gula Melaka, the green wormy jellies that I love and maybe red beans?  Don’t know cus I didn’t try it!  But I want to!


I think the whole idea of south east Asian desserts being concocted into a cake sounds extremely enticing and interesting.  I love the ‘lemakness’ which I think a lot of people are missing out on.  “Lemakness” means COCONUTS!!  Ok so maybe the flavour of the month would be coconut.  Doesn’t help that I am crazy about Thailand now.  Thai drama (aka lakorns), Thai food (desserts especially), Thai Songs, Thai boys (cannot let my husband know! haha)

Thai desserts have a lot of coconut in them.  Just came back from Bangkok.  Had the most amazing tapioca balls.  Hubby asks, “How did they make it so smooth and chewy?”  Flour and lotsa oil?  It went so well with coconut cream!!!  SO this is it! Coconuts for this month.

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