I’d like to order…

If you’d like to order cakes, cupcakes and other bakes from us — it’s simple!

Just provide the missing details for us to give you an accurate quote.

Quotes are non-obligatory 😉

1)  Your Name & Contact Number

 2)  Event Date

So that we can check for availability!

3) No. of guests catering for

We go by cake sizes rather than weight as we offer a variety of cake flavours and frosting. Depending on what you choose, a 6-inch round cake can weigh as light as below 1kg or as heavy as 3-4kg depending on the type of cake, the type of icing, and the design/decorations.

To avoid cake wastage, we always get customers to advise the number of guests they are catering for so that we can adjust the size of cake accordingly.

4)  Flavor

Our popular flavors include chocolate, choc-salted caramel, red velvet, choc-hazelnut, rainbow, earl grey, lemon and cookies & cream. For a full list of flavors, please see here

For cupcakes…

1) Red Velvet (Raspberry) with cream cheese *Bestseller*

2) Blue velvet (Blueberry) with cream cheese

3) Double Choc  *Bestseller/Kids Favorite*

4) Choc-Salted Caramel *Bestseller*

5) Choc-Hazelnut *Kids Favorite*

6) Earl Grey-Salted Caramel *Popular*

7) Cookies & Cream *Kids Favorite*

8) Lemon Sponge *Popular*

9) Vanilla Sponge-Choc *Kids Favorite*

10) Vanilla Sponge-Salted Caramel

11) Vanilla Sponge-Hazelnut

12) Vanilla Sponge-Strawberry Jam *Kids Favorite*

13) Peanut Butter

5)  Occasion Type & Design/theme if any (pic refs would greatly help!  As they say, a pic tells a thousand words!)

You can also check out our Facebook page and Flickr for past designs

Do you have any pictures of the cake designs you like? Doesn’t need to be ours, you can take any picture from the web, or from your party decor, invites, etc

As per your picture; do you want it exactly the same? Alternatively, you may want to include other pics of the same theme so we can gauge your preferences.

Would you like to give us more details about the event so we can recommend which design(s) would be more suitable?

6) Icing Base

Do you have any preference for the frosting base i.e. soft/hard icing?

In case you are wondering…

The difference between soft-icing based cakes and hard-icing based cakes is that soft-icing based refers to cakes frosted with buttercream, with décor done in a mix of cream and fondant ingredients whilst hard-icing based refers to cakes frosted with a layer of pure chocolate and then the final layer of fondant, with décor done in fondant as well. We usually recommend that customers take the soft-icing option as taste-wise it is more popular (less sweet compared to full fondant cakes). Price-wise, soft-icing based cakes are budget-friendlier as well. However, do take note that soft-icing based cakes may require refrigeration, as they can last outside for about 1-2hours depending on ambient temperature. The hard-icing based cake can last overnight in an air-conditioned environment. 🙂


7) Budget (if any)

 8)  Delivery required?  

Delivery is available, but as our delivery is outsourced, additional charges apply depending on location & timing required.

 9) Wordings (if any)

Please send your queries / order requests to our email. For urgent orders (within 3 days), please drop us an SMS. We are a lean operation, so kindly avoid calling as we are usually busy baking therefore unable to take calls.

Email: hello@myfatlady.com

Contact Number: 9025 4126

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