Greetings from The Lady.



I’m Edna Pan, the founder and the Lady of My Fat Lady. I started My Fat Lady in 2010 with a single vision: To give people a taste of the good old days – When cakes were made by hand and with love.

My Fat Lady specializes in deluxe custom cakes and cupcakes. We’re inspired by vintage illustrations and your life stories. Every morning, ourcakes are carefully baked from scratch using the best ingredients.

My Fat Lady is also known for its twist on classic flavors such as the best-selling Red Velvet cake, Sticky Date Pudding and Rich Chocolate Cake. Our new concoctions have been a smash hit with customers–Cookies N’ Cream, Rainbow Vanilla and Blue Velvet.

We’re delighted that our designs and yummy flavors have garnered such support from the community. Check out our work as such as Tatler Brides, Her World Brides and Female Brides.

Have a look at our prices for Standard and Customised cakes.

If anything you see catches your fancy, don’t hesitate to contact us to place an order.

With love and cupcakes,
Edna aka. The Lady

Duchess of Dough,
Countess of Cupcakes,
Baroness of Butter

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