1.Why do our cakes cost more?

 First things first, they don’t really cost more.  If you were to measure our cakes against other cakes, you would notice that they are TALLER.  Why? Because we believe the cake is the star of the party.  Like all concerts it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.  Our cakes need to stand tall and proud on stage, and not be overwhelmed by other lesser gastronomic starlets. Our regular cakes stand at 3 ½ inches tall, that’s about 9 cm tall.  It’s like having half a cake more.

Also we only use the best ingredients. We never ever use margarine.  This means that we only use pure butter, and only the good stuff made by our friends at Anchor butter.  No hydrogenated waxy stuff in our cakes.  All chocolate used in our cakes are also from the upper echelons of the best from Belgium, proudly made by our friends at Belcolade.  Every mouthful will be reminiscent of the silky, multi layers sensory ecstasy of good Belgian chocolates, nothing less.

Now when you order a hard icing cake, every cake that comes out of our studio is coated first with a layer of marzipan, a whole lot of good stuff goes into that…heck, your cake is virtually covered in a skin made of almonds.  This in turn is covered in only the best premium fondant for that extra smooth finish.

Add to all that our premium ingredients like fruit juices instead of coloring, real chocolate, lemons etc. instead of nature identical synthetic flavoring, vanilla extract and real vanilla pods over plain synthetic essence.

Hence, while we would like to keep prices as low as possible, we can only do so to the extent that we never compromise the quality given to you.  We hope you understand that we are not merely selling you cakes, we are affording you the best quality your money can buy.


2.Why do we use dimensions and not weight?

Our cakes vary greatly in terms of density.  Our sponge cakes are lighter than our pound cakes of the same size.   Hence, we really do not want you to be disappointed when you get a cake that is smaller than expected.  It kinda kills the mood … size does matter after all.  Hence we have below our handy little guide on how many people our cakes of different sizes can feed.  With this you would never be short on cake.

Standard Cakes

Shape 6 inch 8 inch 10 inch 12 inch 14 inch
Round 6-8 12-16 30-40 55-70 80-95
Square 10-12 25-30 45-55 65-80 85-100

Rainbow Cakes

Shape 6 inch 8 inch 10 inch 12 inch 14 inch
Round 12-15 25-30 60-80 100-130 150-180
Square 20-24 50-60 90-100 130-150 170-200

P.S:  Please do not ask us how heavy our cakes are.  We really don’t know.



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