Yay!  If you are at this page, means that you are one step closer to getting the cake from us!

Order Lead Time

Order lead time is 3 – 7 days. For complex orders you may wish to let us know 2 weeks / a month in advance.

For urgent orders (within 3 days), please SMS / Whatsapp us at 9025 4126 with the date that you require the cake. Do note that there may be a surcharge.

For all other orders, do send us an email at hello@myfatlady.com with the details as per the form below.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend ordering earlier as we have to close off production when capacity is full! To reserve production availability, see Payment Terms below.


IF YOU WISH TO ORDER / REQUEST A QUOTE… don’t worry, quotes are non-obligatory 😉

All you need to do is give our friendly staff the following details:

1) Your Name


2) Contact Number


3) Event Date


4) No. of guests catering for (To suggest a suitable cake size; you may wish to indicate no. of adults / kids)

We go by cake sizes rather than weight as we offer a variety of cake flavours and frosting. Depending on what you choose, a 6-inch round cake can weigh as light as below 1kg or as heavy as 3-4kg depending on the type of cake, the type of icing, and the design/decorations.

To avoid cake wastage, we always get customers to advise the number of guests they are catering for so that we can adjust the size of cake accordingly.


5) Flavor
Our popular flavors include chocolate, red velvet, blue velvet, rainbow, lemon sponge and cookies & cream. For a full list of flavors, please see our Flavors Page.


6) Design/theme if any (pic refs would greatly help! As they say, a pic tells a thousand words!)

You can also check out our Facebook page and Flickr for past designs


7) Budget (if any)


8) Delivery required? If so, address and timing please! (Additional charges apply)

As a small company, we really are not able to have our own vehicle.  We are all busy making cakes, so there is no one to drive it anyway. xP

For your convenience, we outsource the delivery services, so additional charges apply depending on location and timing required.


9) Wordings (if any)


10) Birthday person’s name/gender/age (if applicable) We usually use these details to prep the wordings!


Once you fill those blanks, you are ready to ask us for a quote!  Just email us the details at hello@myfatlady.com .

Payment Terms

To confirm the order, we will require:-

1) full payment for orders below $300.


2) 50% deposit for orders $300 and above; the remaining 50% is to be paid 5 days prior to the cake collection/delivery date


Modes of Payment

Internet Banking

ATM Transfer

Cash / NETS payment in-store

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