Wedding Cakes





We do customised cakes, so we can have our cakes designed as per your request!

This, of course, extends to *drumroll* the all-important wedding cake on your SPECIAL DAY!!!

To enquire, do drop us an email at with the following details:-

  1. Bride & Groom’s Names
  2. Contact Number(s)
  3. Event Date / Time / Venue
  4. No. of Guests Catering for
  5. Cake Flavor
  6. Design / Theme & Budget (if any)

It’d be our honour to get involved in the creation of something unique for a ceremony so significant. 😉

Useful Tips

Having difficulty deciding on a design?

Here’s a series of tips to help you along:-

  • Do you have a wedding theme? Go online and search for cakes you like that fit your desired theme! Pictures speak louder than words.
  • What about the color scheme?
  • Size matters! The dimensions of your dream cake depends very much on your guest list! Determine the number of guests you are having.
  • Budget – what’s a range that you are comfortable with? Do you want it significant enough to be a centrepiece for your spread, or is it just “part of the ceremony”? It’s easier to suggest a design with a budget in mind.

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